Autism affects the life of the individual and his / her family in a very serious way. In recent years, the number of individuals with autism in the world has increased. Although only one out of every 2500 children in 1985, one in every 150 children in 2000, one of every 88 children in 2008 was diagnosed with autism, today one out of every 55 children is born with the risk of autism. Even we do not know the cause of autism, it is possible with effective educational methods to minimize the developmental disabilities of these children by early intervention and to prevent difference between their peers. It has been proved with the trainings on autistic individuals in Europe and Turkey that sport is very effective in the development of autistic individuals. However, the insufficiency and lack of studies for sports education is also noteworthy. With this project, firstly, educators will be taught how to use sports as a tool to develop self-care skills, play, socialization and communication skills of autistic children and good practices in this area will be shared in different countries in order to increase institutional competencies. In order for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in common institutions and regions to integrate with the society, to socialize, to develop their communication skills, to develop their own self-care skills, families and educators who have been trained in these areas are needed.






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