Emotions & Robotics

We believe that our project will help us to better understanding technology-emotion-learning interaction in different cultures, teachers, and student populations with longer interventions in learning environments using educational robotics.

During the 2 years of the project, we have the opportunity to make long-term practices and observations at EU level.

We are 7 partners; 3 secondary schools, 1 science and arts center (SAC), 2 NGOs, and 1 University ICT department. With this project, all partners will gain different experiences.

The target group of the project consists of students of the partner schools (disabled, disadvantaged, fewer oportunitied, learning disabilitied or gifted) and teachers in these schools.

Our Goals:

With an inclusive education approach:

-to investigate the emotions of students and teachers in different cultures, educational systems, learning environments using educational robotics.
-to explore how teachers manage their own and their students’ emotions during the learning-teaching process.

For Students

-Raising awareness of their own emotion,
-Supporting their social and emotional development, improving the social cohesion of students
-Having effective learning experiences
-Developing 21st century skills (problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, collaborative work, empathy, etc.)

For Teachers

-Raising awareness of their own emotions,
-Supporting professional development
-Sharing good practices and experiences

For Learning Environment

-Developing instructional activities on “how” these environments can be designed






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