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  • dBIAS-


    There are about 200 biases. Even though each and every one is very interesting, one of the first steps we needed to take was selecting the biases we want to work with. In a first step, we clustered familiar biases and, of course, focused on biases that are relatable to learning. In the end, we…

  • SoMoved-Social Education on the Move

    SoMoved-Social Education on the Move

    The project aims to develop, implement and disseminate innovations in the MOBILE SOCIAL EDUCATION (MmsED) MODEL in higher education. Its attribute is organizing the didactic process in motion, outside the university walls, with stakeholders from outside the academic community (citizens, representatives of institutions and organizations, activists, people at risk of marginalization).

  • SKILLABILITY- Social inclusion and employability for people with disability

    SKILLABILITY- Social inclusion and employability for people with disability

    Skillability is a in initiative which is based on project partners’ expertise, shared values, commitment to equal opportunities and to design and development of innovative educationbased solutions. We are well aware of the specific challenges that many people with disabilities need to overcome in their lives. Many such challenges are in the focus of national…



    The concept of mental health has progressed during the last decades. Currently, according to the World Health Organization, a good mental health is related to mental and psychological well-being. In the last years, diverse perspectives such as education have incorporated to this concept. In fact, the Mental Health Action Plan (MHAP) 2013 – 2020 mentions…



    A | AIMThe aim of this strategic partnership is to create safe environments for young people with impairments and chronic illnesses in international mobility projects, and by this to reduce access barriers to international mobility programmes for these target groups. B | DEFINITIONSB-1 | Risk ManagementRisk management refers to the practice of identifying potential risks…

  • How to Apply

    How to Apply

    Every month we select many people for our new projects. If you want to be part of these projects,conferences or courses You can apply for our projects, conferences and courses here: https://forms.gle/LzYyRnEbP2p2Qj5J7

  • “Youth in Action for Ecology”

    “Youth in Action for Ecology”

    The Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, which focused on “Youth in Action for Ecology,” was held in Essen, Germany from March 4th to March 11th, 2023. The Netherlands was one of the participating countries, and our delegation was thrilled to be part of this meaningful project. During the exchange, we had the opportunity to collaborate with young…

  • ‘Digital Video: Youth Outreach and Engagement’

    ‘Digital Video: Youth Outreach and Engagement’

    Erasmus+ Training Course

  • We Are Going Digital!

    We Are Going Digital!

    Drawing to Health is running! We finished one project in France with our participants. Thanks to hosting organisation!

  • “Don’t Hinder Me!”

    “Don’t Hinder Me!”

    We are looking for 2 more Dutch participants!20-29 October 2022Çorum, TurkeyPROJECT OBJECTIVES The aims of our project are as follows: – Raising awareness about the difficulties experienced by people with disabilities – Sharing the best practices for the inclusion of people with disabilities in social life across Europe by participating organizations – Introducing cultural/artistic/educational differences…

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