‘Digital Video: Youth Outreach and Engagement’

The training course, ‘Digital Video: Youth Outreach and Engagement’, designed for youth workers and youth leaders, will take place in Stamford, England from 18 to 24 March 2023.

The seven-day event, co-funded by the European Union, will be hosted by Westminster-based non-profit organisation, Dragon Eggs Digital CIC.

The international event will be attended by 31 delegates representing organisations from several European Union countries as well as non-EU countries. We are delighted to announce that Drawing to Health will be sending 3 delegates from the [Netherlands

The training course aims to empower youth workers and youth leaders in the use of smartphone video recording medium. During the training week the participants will exchange knowledge to better understand the application of digital video in youth work and exchange solutions to improve the planning, design and execution process of their video content to better meet their youth work objectives.

The participants will have an opportunity to enhance their Youthpass competencies, as well as intercultural, professional and life skills.

This will be achieved by international cooperation of youth workers and youth leaders who will spent the week co-living and studying together.

The activity will be carried out using non-formal and informal education teaching methods and will mostly be hosted in a family-style environment where the participants will be able to feel like they are at home.

To join this project or to take part in our future Erasmus+ events.

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