‘’TOGETHER WITH YOUTH” STRENGTHENING YOUTH WORKERS TO REACH OUT YOUNG MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES ERASMUS+ YOUTH EXCHANGE PROJECT GOIRLE/ TILBURG NETHERLANDS MAY 22-30 2023 The German team from The Grunn Connection organized in the news exchange with other young people from the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, France, Hungary, Curacao, Sweden, totalling 32 people. The main objective of the program was to familiarize and inform young people about Refugees and people with Migrant backgrounds and to encourage them to actively engage in environmental protection. As part of the program, activities involve the implementation of workshops and vocational training for migrants. The assessment was made based on a feedback session after every activity. Activities like energisers and other non-formal education activities took action. Through various activities, we learned how we can make it easier for Refugees and people with migrant backgrounds to integrate well with society. In conclusion, we learnt to work well in a group setting and successful implementation of future projects for migrants and refugees.