Drawing to Health

Drawing to Health is an NGO that is committed to the well-being of young people.
We use visual language to gain insight into what drives them and what stops them. We are also socially involved with the community. In this way we help people with communication problems to provide the help they need.
Already during our educational experiences, Drawing to Health feels socially involved and we try to do our bit. We have deepened our research, training and coaching of young talent.

Through training, research, coaching and consultancy, we make a difference in the experience of people. We do this in the commercial world and we also use this experience for social impact.
We make a social impact on a local, national and international level.
One of the international forms is participation in cultural projects in which the experience of young people is central. Drawing to Health has a revenue model for commercial parties.
Drawing To Health earns money by giving coaching, training and giving advice.