About Us

“Our goal is to give young people the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership, active citizenship and integration of different cultures.”

Drawing to Health is an NGO that is committed to the well-being of young people. We use visual language to gain insight into what drives them and what stops them. We are also socially involved with the community. In this way we help people with communication problems to provide the help they need.Already during our educational experiences, Drawing to Health feels socially involved and we try to do our bit. For example, we have deepened our research, training and coaching of young talent.Through training, research, coaching and consultancy, we make a difference in the experience of people. We do this in the commercial world and we also use this experience for social impact (Erasmus+). We make a social impact on a local, national and international level. One of the international forms is participation in cultural projects in which the experience of young people is central. Drawing to Health has a revenue model for commercial parties. Drawing To Health earns money by giving coaching, training and giving advice. We do this on the basis of non-formal means of communication that are related to visual language. We use this visual language of soft skills as a tool, but this is never a goal within our Erasmus + projects and training courses for teachers and Adult trainers. Our profit lies in the further development of young people.  We contribute to more understanding and respect for society.Our conditions are on the website. Everyone gets a chance to develop further with us. Whether it is someone who has a lot of relationships, a multicultural background or a social worker who never got further than his own neighbourhood in which he grew up. With us everyone gets a chance to develop themselves at their own pace of development.



Learning covers all our efforts to absorb, understand and respond to the world around us. Learning is social. Learning happens on the job every day. Learning is the essential process in expanding the capabilities of people and organisations … Learning is not just about knowledge. It is about skills, insights, beliefs, values, attitudes, habits, feelings, wisdom, shared understandings and self awareness.


We have investigated how we can make society more human, and especially to help people understand better. As a social enterprise we have noticed how much energy it gives us to be in practice, to touch young people, to inspire and to find solutions together. It is not only social issues that interest us how you request and receive attention for this. We are concerned with the creative (non-formal) approach to social problems. Learn how you can inspire people through creativity, but also tell the whole story.


We work with European Values for the better future. We respect Human Dignity,Freedoms,Democracy,
Equality, Rule of law and Human Rights.


Sustainable development requires an integrated approach that takes into consideration environmental concerns along with economic development.   Drawing to Health policy contexts, sustainability seeks to prevent the depletion of natural or physical resources, so that they will remain available for the long term.